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    What information can be accessed from the akashic records. To start the reading session of your akashic records, you might want to have a certain ritual. I go to psychics a bit less now that i know how to read for myself, but i still love getting a reading from time to time. The truth about it all is that akashic records do encourage meditation and churches tend to frown about beliefs and the use of meditation. I always feel so seen, understood, loved and guided on my journey when she opens my akashic records. Accessing information from the akashic. Ready to get started with an akashic records reading. Even being in the records without asking questions, is a healing and loving experience. As per usual, there will be information here that you’ll have not read or seen presented anywhere else. Edgar cayce quote on the akashic records. Every moment is recorded so it can be reviewed later. After the reading, you feel lighter and emotionally more limber, as if you’ve had a real massage. Please request the quantity of pages that you wish, up to 10 pages per reading. The records show your choices through all of time. The akashic records are a divine energetic database that stores the 'soul record' for every soul that has ever lived. Every name has a distinct vibrational quality, so when we open a particular soul's records, we use the name that the soul is currently using in this lifetime. Learn to read your spiritual resume in the akashic records, never doubt your spiritual abilities again, you have been doing this work in lifetimes. Frequently, when he spoke in a trance, he would discuss the past lives of clients based on information purportedly obtained from akashic records. By accessing the high frequencies of unconditional love and wisdom within your records, it is possible to receive divinely inspired guidance and healing from your akashic records masters and beings of light. Events, feelings, thoughts, beliefs and ideas are recorded there as well. Cayce did his readings in a sleep. There will be further work in the akashic records for ourselves and others. Noone will judge you when you’ll read your akashic records. And that she saw me reading the akashic records. Carl jung thought of the records as humanity's "collective consciousness. Those who experience a soul readings are often left with a knowing-ness that there really is a god and we are truly loved and cared for. Once accessible to rare spiritual masters, now the records are available to anyone—anytime, anywhere. Course 3, “learn to read the akashic records for clients,” is a standalone course or may be taken as part of the seven-month career mastery program. Learn ethical considerations when reading the records of others. In other words, the information is stored in the akashic field.   each soul’s record, what i term a soul book, contains the entire historical record of the experiences they have had, their plans for their current incarnation, and an ongoing record of their life in this physical form. What does my record show about my role in all of this. Akashic records of bastard magic instructor. The hall (or library) of the akashic records is where all souls’ akashic records are stored energetically. If you want to discover anything about your soul path, you may choose to have your records opened and ask questions of your record keepers. ” a challenge for a channeled entity is to interpret the records from the highest and most inclusive point of view. It is far more important that you use the information from your reading (current + past info) to evolve spiritually. Today, anyone can gain conscious, reliable access to the records by using my pathway prayer process©, which i have made freely available to the world. This day and a half beginning class with spiritual teacher and healer christina cross prepares you to do work in your own records and the akashic records of others. Finding enigmatic objects and places such as the holy grail, the ark of the covenant, the akashic records, shambhala, atlantis, etc.   the records are a gift that keeps on giving. The keepers of your akashic records are ready and waiting for you to ask about what could bring you closer to the experience of life you desire. Teri’s akashic readings are remarkable. This is known as the akashic records.  the akashic records always works in your best and highest interest and in accordance to the needs of your own spirit. Operation, in that his many and voluminous light inscripted akashic texts. Most of the students that attend the akashic records certification program pay themselves back the investment for the program before they even complete the program…i want the same for you. Please send me a message saying you’d like to support free readings for others, with the amount of one page readings you’d like to support. And you can safely download your risk free copy of read akashic records from the special discount link below. The akashic tarot deck is really attractive. I can do an akashic record reading for any one over 18 years of age. The intuitive reading program if you do not wish to. For the past 23 years, i have been working in the dimension of consciousness known as the akashic records, archive of our souls’ past, present, and future possibilities. Inside record books, you will see titles, pictures, images, and symbols. According to many who work within the akashic records, it’s an etheric field, a formidable storehouse, if you will, of every thought, deed, or word ever conceived or experienced by the souls of our planet earth. We learn ways of opening a pathway to access the records and then come back with the information. The vibrational records of each individual soul and its journey are contained here, making it a profound spiritual resource for consciousness development and expanded spiritual awareness. We clear your record of what is blocking, and restricting you from living in your full divinity.   since both these techniques do involve going into a trance state the real technique to access the akashic records is through trance coupled with the intention to read them. What are the akashic records. What is the akashic record reading process at heart spring. Access to others records is gained through access to thehigher self of that person –or-by one’s higher self going tohigher levels of spirit for access )with permission. Yarbro, michael refers to the akashic plane as a “photographic record. In the process of opening the records for ourselves or others, we transition from a state of ordinary human consciousness to a state of divine universal consciousness in which we recognize our oneness with the divine at all levels. What to do is similar to a written reading which is to send your questions or the what you want to know. Those familiar with the akashic records tend to think of them as a place, like the reference library of the cosmos.  when your akashic record is opened in a reading, only the information that you are prepared to receive comes forward.  the courses developed by lisa & akashic knowing school of wisdom makes it easy, graceful, fun, user-friendly. “i’ve had many different types of readings in the past, some with nationally recognized individuals, but i’ve never experienced any reading as powerful as andy’s akashic records reading. Well, when we learned to read the akashic records of clients, aliyah was obviously going into that same style, or space as when her friends would call her. Accessing your akash for guidance, knowledge, and wisdom for you to help you understand your life as it is, why it was, and maybe insight on how it can be. Anyone can access their record ~ no one is ever prevented from using the records and benefiting from working with them ~ they are here for all of us ~ a gift for us. Evie’s adventure), and to co-write a book on the akashic records with her former teacher, linda howe. Learn how to leverage the full potential of the akashic records and catapult your consciousness and intuitive abilities into new levels of awareness. Each soul reading is unique to the individual. You have to have an honourable intention when going into the records. In my experiences of reading for clients so far, i’ve also become aware that the energy of the akashic records is transmitted from the reader to the client, often by voice. Of spiritual expression and mastery upon the greater akashic, as have other. My experience reading the records for others has been life altering. I wanted to tell you how much i appreciated the readings from the akashic records and your participation in what is going on with me (and my beloved partner). How to work with the akashic energy to release the old patterns, karma, vows, and past-life traumas of your clients. It helped me a lot… i felt heard, understood, and protected… i am really looking forward to another reading in the future to see what has changed or transformed. This is, in fact, a kind of akasha reading. "patricia's course gave me the practice to become confident reading the records for my own business.   akashic reading provides holographic repository of information of human consciousness related to past, present and future of an individual quite accurately. “you had scrutinized my every action, all were recorded in your book, my days listed and determined, even before the first of them occurred. Cayce went into a trance state when he accessed information from the akashic records, to help solve a client's problem. "i’ve had many different types of readings in the past, some with nationally recognized individuals, but i’ve never experienced any reading as powerful as andy’s akashic records reading. A “book” in the spirit is the essence of an idea that can be “read” by anyone in whatever language or form that most appeals to them. This, plus the euphoric effect the reading seemed to have on everyone present, prompted me not to dismiss it simply as a fraud. Through your full birth name and birth date, each persons akashic information can be found. Do i have to access the akashic records in a secret way. "the akashic records contain everything that every soul has ever thought, said, and done over the course of its existence-as well as all its future possibilities. Almost, every culture has acknowledged the existence of the akashic records, including the greeks, assyrians, babylonians, egyptians, and more. **akashic readings by phone and skype**. "   additional insights were frequently provided in subsequent readings once an individual had attempted to work with and apply the information which had been given previously. You just have to be a part of the akashic mind, which you already are. Connecting to the records with you and through you is so uplifting. If certain situations keep playing themselves out in your life, one possible reason is that a past life issue within the akashic records is now ready for healing. Also, there is far more in the code than is readily communicated in language, so it is wise not to take any translation of the akashic records as the final word. A big key to akashic record readings is the ability to be able to meditate and to allow yourself to. If you’ve probably read my last week article on what are the akashic records then you’ve probably anticipated today’s article.

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    Essentially, they are a record of every event to ever happen in history, as well as every event to happen in the future. As soon as i opened the records, i found that i was in a similar ‘space’ in my consciousness, to when i used to sit for ideas. The akashic records are the records of your soul and is not a tool for diagnosis, rather, the information brought forth in the reading is intended to bring insight, clarity and empowerment to uplift and shift areas of your life where you may be seeking guidance from higher realms. Com where you can write reviews about your best readings. "healing through the akashic records"  . ” everything in the akashic records was recorded by a consciousness with a particular point of view, and the records are vast. Make sure your subject header says: akashic reading. There are no records here for the individual souls that have inhabited the planets in the past or the present.  however, what you can ask about in your records is the nature of a relationship with another, or the dynamics between you.   this is tapping into the wisdom of your akashic record, past lives, your higher self and helpers in the spirit world. Comments off on what are akashic records. In an akashic reading, the reader’s frequency is stepped up to the superconscious state, where. Records reading can be deeply healing to your soul, and to the physical, emotional. Upon which face of the crystal it is to be recorded. Learning new healing tools from the akashic lords to assist you in further releasing old issues and aligning with your life purpose. “i signed up for an akashic record reading after my husband raved about his. Time is the sheet on which all these are drawn or i can say time is the sheet on which all this are recorded. A well-known intuitive wrote to me saying that she’d been assigned an akashic record guide spontaneously, and this can happen if you’re ready to access the hall of akashic records on behalf of other people, but you’d need some intuitive ability already to have that happen. An akashic records consultation is like having a conversation with the guardians of your soul who love and honour you dearly. Noelani rodriguez is an akashic records reader that has been featured on global para-x radio and women’s radio. By entering the akashic records we are entering deeper into ourselves, into our knowings, and into our truth. Sandra has facilitated akashic trainings for the past 10 years. Another chinese seer, named tajao, explored a variety of topics in the records which span over two thousand years. I allow about an hour and a half in person to do a reading. Akashic records nutrition and wellness readings with sallie keys. All about the past, present and future is brought into the “now” to be read. These records are there to access so you can discover, when you are ready, the divine information about your lessons and life purpose. No need for (man made) akashic records. The power of your story in the akashic records. Cherubim angels were created to be the recorders, messengers, and librarians of akashic records. Heard of the akashic records and you probably know what they are. What happens when you have an akashic records reading. This is actually the main issue with accessing the akashic records. *** please note that due to demand, i am not able to take on new mediumship or akashic records reading clients at this time. Akashic record consultations are a different vibration and go deeper to the core issue or soul’s intention surrounding the situation. I never make an important decision without asking the record keepers first. However, i live in spain, and a phone session cannot be recorded. In revealing truths from the akashic records, paramahamsa nithyananda is inviting us all to move forward in knowledge and understanding. Those who champion the truth of the akashic records assert that they were accessed by ancient people of various cultures, including the indians, moors, tibetans, bonpo and other peoples of the himalaya, egyptians, persians, chaldeans, greeks, chinese, hebrews, christians, druids and mayans. The information contained inside each record is written by recording angels and then given to record keepers who file each record in the book of life. Until the day of the reading, i just had not embraced my own knowing as real. Akashic record consultation: $100(1 hr), by phone or in person (readings are recorded). I will be honored to help you connect with your akashic records so you can start creating the life you love.           this reading takes anywhere from 50 minutes to 80 minutes, depending on how much information i have to share with you. The information they give us depends on what they’ve been reading. A reading fee of $100 for jen’s time and energy is accepted; email her for payment arrangements. Upcoming akashic record practitioner trainings.   akashic because it is composed of akasha (the energetic substance from which all life is formed) and record because its objective is to record all life experience. Being in the akashic records is like being surrounded in pure love.   an akashic record reading can help you heal, let go, and forgive. In this case, you should choose an akashic records reading. My readings bring helpful insights and healing energies from the wise, loving record keepers about your soul’s purpose, relationships, career or health to guide you to enlightened choices. The way that i access the energy of the records is through the use of a sacred prayer. I stumbled across your website as i was looking for information on akashic records. The akashic records are a fluid record of your soul, through all incarnations, since the beginning of existence. Hey michelle, thank you today for my akashic record reading it was so interesting and accurate. Akashic record and soul profile reading here. “thank you so very much for my wonderful and very helpful akashic reading. Please note that, due to demand as of may 2017, there is a cap to each month's reading availability. Readings relating to the akashic records will not be available as roberta had a unique talent with her link to the spirit realm and there are no other readers to be recommended. How to make your own sacred space to feel safe and secure when opening and closing the records for yourself and others. Can all be addressed while in the akashic records. The akashic record is like an immense. In the first 3 modules, i support you in accessing your akashic records for yourself. How is akashic information stored. In addition, once out of the akashic records, within 30 minutes or so i completely forget all the information, so your own privacy is also protected. This does not happen with an akashic records reading. Some of these individuals, for instance, maintain that unique akashic records exist in unique forms in the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. Where can you learn to read the akashic records as a professional intuitive or just for family and friends. Transmissions and the akashic records/halls of amenti course. Why do you need someone’s date of birth, name and place of birth to read the akashic record.   the plenum does not only contain the fundamental reality of the unified field but also a universal information- and memory-field which he refers to as the akashic field (or a-field).

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     most interested in hearing your thoughts on reincarnation, karma, and the akashic records. In your reading, lumari will help you understand. Colleen offers individual readings as well as classes to help you bring forward and enhance your own intuitive psychic abilities through the akashic record. Sometimes, too much skepticism can act as a blinder that can prevent you from seeing what you should have seen - especially when you are accessing the akashic records. Yet just as many biologists today refer to nature as containing “dna libraries” that serve as the repositories of genetic material, references to an “akashic records” library by some mediums possibly relate to a figurative process for gaining intangible impressions. Attend a group reading where the audience asks questions and i channel the answers from the akashic records. The information contained in the records is the deepest level of information about a person. So, is there any ‘proof” for the existence of the akashic records. On this page, i will share some of our story, to show others who are curious how the records can help them better connect in a world that was once so separated, but is now finding its way back toward the light and unity consciousness.   an akashic record consultation can be extremely valuable, because it offers specific information that arises directly from your personal soul journey. The akashic field is vast. I only give free readings at this community. Akashic records, working with the divine feminine, clearing past life karma, and using deep soul connections as a mirror to help us heal. The akashic records are a universal filing system where. You may also wish to make notes if it is especially important to you to have a record of what was said. Of course, if in our intention we are bound and determined to access someone else's record, we will think we are receiving information about that person. An akashic record consultation is very interactive and is based on your questions. You are the sherpa in this reading in that your questions or talking about your circumstances will guide the reading. The akashic records are the vibrational archive for each soul and its journey as human being. The urantia book asserts validity and reality of these "living records" in several accounts. When you experience a reading in the akashic records you see your life from a different perspective and you heal your past, your transformation is deep. My last partner told me about watching a tv program that showed a man in a room and having access to the physical akashic records. Step two:  reading the opening prayer verbatim. Akashic record readings for the finger lakes region and beyond. The pathway prayer process© provides a reliable and deliberate way to move into and access the consciousness of the record responsibly, in a disciplined, conscious manner. Over the months, i’ve had overt ahaskic readings from other readers, and realized the limitations to an hour reading, that i had not known when you read for me. As the records of others are open through the protection of the akashic record prayer, the reader attunes their energy with the akashic records of the person receiving the reading. ''accessing the akashic records provides an opportunity to align with your soul and develop your own spiritual authority,'' teaches linda howe. The akashic records are similar, as they are essentially a super computer system for the universe.  she navigated the records with ease and grace, and was able to answer all of the souls inquiries with the greatest of love. The chances of a soulmate relationship – it’s not just finding your soulmate that an akashic record reading can help you with, but also the chances of meeting your soulmate in this lifetime. The energy of the akashic record allows us the freedom to choose grace in all things, and grace overrides illusion. After my first visit to the records i experienced a lasting peace which felt so deep and nurturing and stayed with me for hours. This prayer was received by members of  the akashic network in the spring of 2015. ” during a reading he had difficulty determining if you or i had actually done something or just thought about doing it, because our thoughts made as strong an impression upon the collective consciousness as our actions. If you have read or are familiar with this book, this is still an excellent opportunity to dive deeper into the content with others and practice doing readings with support. 3) are there particular advantages to a person opening his or her akashic records. From this perspective, the akashic records are about helping you make your choice and uncover what is true for you with the emphasis more on “how” you approach your life and less on the exact form your life should take. The hall of records is not bound structurally – there are no visible floors, walls or even a roof. While working with the record keepers, you can get completely accurate information. His mastery of astrology was so profound that he was able to dictate certain parts of the akashic records from the astral worlds onto special scrolls in the sacred language of sanskrit, often called by indian mystics "the language of the gods. Every human therefore supposedly contributes and has access to the akashic records. She is a visionary mystic, voice recognition psychic, and trance channel medium who reads directly from the akashic records.  insightful tips to glean the most critical information, whether you're reading for yourself, other individuals, or even your pet . Knowing how to enter into the akashic record ignites a deeper awareness within you that can illuminate and eliminate the painful illusions that have been running your life. Description and explanation of the akashic records. Read akashic records within them are the records of existence for every animal, person and living thing as well as every. If you’ve read this blog for a  while now you will know that over the last three years i have learned to read the akashic records, both for myself and for clients. (seriously, double check your taxes because it will affect the quality of your reading. Like cayce, today many psychics are able to access the akashic records and offer readings online and via phone. During this training you will move through a guided meditation, an attunement, that opens you to channel the wisdom and energy of the akasha; and you will learn a ceremony that allows you to enter the akashic records. It is claimed that to gain access into the akashic records, every individual human can become the physical medium, and various techniques (e. Revealed while in the records.  the knowledge contained in the akashic records is imprinted upon a subtle substance called the akasha, which describes the energy of love that permeates and creates everything in the universe. Infinite, and may be read by. Another method of accessing the records is to keep repeating your question over and over as you fall asleep. Here is an example of a “family soul origin and history” master records akashic reading from carolyn evers:. Each soul has its own akashic record, and there are collective records of all souls and all journeys.   akashic records readings can be done in person, or via telephone. A soul's akashic record is private and can only be accessed with that person's express permission. David rosen is a certified akashic records reader. Creating a sacred space for entering the akashic records. An in depth akashic reading session will allow you to fully explore your life purpose, determine your unique talents and gifts, uncover any blocks and obstacles standing in your way, as well as discovering the best ways to work through those blocks and obstacles. At the time we make the decision to experience life as an independent soul, there is a field of energy created to record every thought, word, emotion, and action generated by that experience. Also an akashic records reading facilitated by me will provide you with the added bonus of my 12 years of life and business coaching. Much more than simply a memory storehouse, however, these akashic records are interactive in that they have a tremendous influence upon our everyday lives, our relationships, our feelings and belief systems, and the potential realities we draw toward us. “i am accessing my records more consistently and. You can, then, ask the questions that you have prepared (see preparing for an akashic records reading). The akashic records are understood to have existed since the beginning of  creation and even before. The akashic records can answer a variety of questions for us, that is true. These records connect each one of us to each other. Also, you'll find that with the akashic records you'll be able to see the influence of your everyday life and also understand some of the feelings and believes that you have.

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    If you are in this camp, you probably have read books (many books. By lifting you to a divine level of consciousness, this sacred prayer opens the doors of the records, where your soul blueprint (everything you need to know about your soul’s destiny) awaits you. The akashic records are a vibrational record of each soul and its journey through all of time. This definition is all you need to understand in order to work effectively with your records.   although everything is held within our records, not everything is always available to us – we are only given what is helpful to us and supports us personally in our human experience. All in all this experience was 10 out of 10 and highly recommended to anyone who would like an accurate akashic reading. What can i learn from an akashic reading. Many attempt to access the records and feel they are researching historical events, galactic issues and all kinds of other things. Perhaps they exist in a universal field–the akashic field–that pervades the entire universe.   once you read the prayer, you will be walking down a hallway or a bridge that will lead you to a grand victorian or ancient library. How to read the akashic records: accessing the archive of the soul and its journey, the akashic records are a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey. Other people just don't possess this facility and have a hard time, even with the prayer, to access the records for themselves. Akashic records and past lives have an impact upon our present life and its potentials and probabilities, and any exploration of them can help to provide us with insights into the nature of ourselves. For more details on the intuitive reading program, please scroll down.   before you called, i said a prayer to my spirit guides to make this a fun and playful reading. The akashic record does not give definitive yes or no answers, but it does give you insight into the nature of issues. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about what to expect during an akashic record reading with me and i hope you have been able to gain a little more insight into what that entails. “that was one of the best akashic records readings i have experienced. I’ve done many readings before, but jenelle just felt very different. You’ll get glimpses of soul-level memories from your akashic records as well as current-life memories from your subconscious memory files. He also does intuitive readings, mediumship, past-life regression, healing, counseling, and channeling coaching, where he teaches others to channel. Those who champion the truth of the akashic records assert that they were accessed by ancient people of various cultures, including the indians, moors, tibetans, bonpo and other peoples of the himalaya, egyptians, persians, chaldeans, greeks, chinese, hebrews, christians, druids and mayans. The infinite wisdom of the akashic records also gives readers insight into their personal record that previously was available only in lisa’s classes. I have been reading a book called "how to read the akashic records: accessing the archive of the soul and its journey" by linda howe. The akashic record is a vibrational record of every person’s soul and its journey. Akashic energy rises on the formed word – which means, the more we talk about a problem/issue/circumstance, the more the energy rises. In terms of the future, the akashic records of the future are an ever-evolving reservoir of possibilities that we create based on our experiences and how we deal with those experiences in the present”. I bought mona's akashic records class after my friend talked about it endlessly. “science and the akashic field” by ervin laszlo. Since the akashic plane is adjacent to the causal and mental planes, essences focused on those planes can access it most easily.  what follows is a short list of guidelines that you must remember when learning how to access the akashic records. The records always answer with the highest level of knowledge a person is ready to receive and integrate at that certain point in time. How can the akashic records help me. [edit] specific accounts of the akashic records. This book records the knowledge and events of your past and future lives. Akashic records can only be opened with full permission. She has worked in the records to do readings for herself and others, to analyze the feng shui energy of hundreds of homes and businesses, to write a feng shui book and more than 60 children’s books (including the spiritual parable.   rudolf steiner, the austrian philosopher, also referenced the akashic records in his work. This is just an example of one of the many ways that the records can really be such a wonderful and crucial tool to have access to and use.  and this is exactly why clearing negative programs out of the akashic records works so well. Imagine the possibilities that accessing your own records can have for you. Every thought, feeling, action, and deed from the time you first individuated from god/creator/source is recorded in your records. Whether in personal akashic records consultations, or in-person or online classes, working in this way provides an opportunity to see your self and life from the perspective of the soul, empowering living in conscious alignment with authentic truths.   even though i will digitally record and email an mp3, at times the recording is not 100% reliable and the notes will serve you well. People often ask me if i can read my own records, and the answer is "yes". Qhht or quantum healing hypnosis technique involves a past life reading technique that involves guided hypnotherapy that aims at reaching into the subconscious. In the akashic plane of the universe, an etheric.   while the akashic network recognizes the high level of training of the teachers listed here, each teacher is solely responsible for his or her work. Linda howe's process for reading the akashic records is empowering, inspiring and evolutionary. Within that email, i ask for your birth information including your current full name, full name at birth, date of birth, and place of birth so i can conduct your reading along with appointment scheduling information. Everyone person on earth can read their akashic records. And the akashic records of your animal companions. Thefirst was the subconscious mind of the individual for whom he was giving the reading and thesecond was the akashic records. Well you cashed my check on april 24 i have not received my reading yet a month /0. Diantha has trained for three years with linda howe, the lead teacher in the usa for akashic records reading. Thank you so much for the akashic record reading you did for me. Each soul’s journey consists of many lifetimes and each of these journeys is recorded in an energy-based realm. Cayce consistently recommended prayer and meditation, and in this instance encouraged us to use those tools not only to develop greater serenity but also to become more in synch with the higher vibrations on which the records are stored. Their sexual habits were so shallow that the akashic record did not even record them.  after speaking the prayer, i am silent for a minute or so, as i align with the soul of your akashic records. Many assert that our reality is a hologram and the akashic records directly affects the way we perceive our reality. To insure reading accuracy, you must supply full names (first, middle, last name), no nick names, of the individuals you want to include in the reading. In order to access your akashic records, we will use your full name. Every time you enter the records, your vibration is raised, and more dross is released from your energy body. Insight and guidance from the record can assist all of us to see our work in the highest value and deliver our goods and services in the most loving manner possible. Please understand that this is not a psychic reading. Do not start this video before you have fully understanding of akashic record. Other famous mediums, such as the late sylvia browne went even further in advancing a “library of records” concept. Nine essential guidelines to maximize your efficiency in the records. Hence these phrases, "records," "akashic pictures," etc.

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    It's no wonder the akashic records have been likened to a "cosmic internet" that allows us to "google" specific information when we open a person's records. Akashic record readings are a profound healing tool and do not serve as entertainment. The akashic records is able to accomplish this because it is also the cornerstone of a person’s consciousness – not just waking consciousness but all the other levels of consciousness. The akashic records were made famous by the late edgar cayce, however, they have been referred to in every spiritual book as well as accessed and used and used by spiritual leaders, healers, metaphysical teachers and even royalty and political leaders since the dawn of all existence and creation. What are the benefits of having an akashic consultation. In an earlier post, "share the reading with my wife. So to assist you i’ve written out these 4 secrets to accessing your akashic records below, and have created a guided meditation to access your akashic records. Remember we all have the right to grow and expand, shift and love, connect to our divine source and remember who we are and why we are here and what our purpose is… the records can be and are a key tool for this. Through them we can derive understanding and direction but never future predictions as future is never fixed or the records would have never changed from time to time. Here are a few testimonials from her former clients, just to show the powerfulness of utilizing the wisdom of the akashic records. The only exception to this is that parents can access their children's akashic records as they are guardians of their souls in this lifetime, so you can request a reading on their behalf. The reading” for the mere purpose of removing all labels, since in the end, they are completely unnecessary. Luckily, there is a powerful new tool that gives you the akashic records and its precise symbols and messages (including all of those mentioned above and many more). The network structure of the tree operates as a kind of akashic record, (a term sometimes used to describe an astral library, accessible through altered states of consciousness such as meditation, dreams, and channelling). The akashic record is a treasury of your personal knowledge of the past, present, and future.   the records have  also been referred to by different names including the cosmic mind, the universal mind, the collective unconscious, or the collective subconscious. Groups, organizations, businesses and animals also have an akashic record that contains sacred information about them. Akashic records are considered as an energetic imprint of all the thoughts, emotions, actions, experiences and related consequences that has ever occurred in time and space of an individual. An akashic reader has developed the ability to easily access the akashic records, either directly or some have spirit guides that access the records for them. But i can not form a judgement before finishing to read. The akashic records contain the recording of our soul’s journey from its very inception. The best types of questions to ask in your akashic records reading are questions that start with. Your akashic record or soul book is like a living data base which contains not only current information about the life you are leading, details about the lives you have lived in the past, and what you intend for the future, but every alternative timeline, path not taken and every. Your driver’s license should suffice if you don’t have tax records). There are too many autobiographical anecdotes peppered throughout the text, but i plan to investigate the records through other resources, and am glad that this book came to me as a gift from a good friend. Once given the record, cayce had the.  the akashic records hold your individual past lives, life purpose, soul purpose, potential future and more. As a certified akashic consultant, i am here to help bring light to your issues and to be guided by your akashic helpers to clear away blocks from all lifetimes, especially those that continue to block you from accessing your joy, peace and hope for the future. In an akashic records reading there also needs to be a conversation going on between the reader and the client. The site the mystica also states other ways it is possible to access the akashic records:. In your akashic records, francesca thoman discovers past lives, soul lineages, and your planet or plane of origin. How can the akashic records help connect me to my soul. Both the information and healing will flow on the energy (light) of the spoken word during your reading. It is one of the most powerful things you can do in your akashic records. To go into the akashic record, the process is similar to the way intuitives tune into someone’s spirit guides or higher self. D ownload complete guide of read akashic records for advanced/beginner ebook and pdf best price. In order to get it back we need books like "akashic records: case studies of past lives" written by the gifted lois wetzel. Do not attempt to open the akashic records within 24 hours of consuming alcohol or recreational drugs. Reports have been consistent, however, that the information is written  and can be read. Once we are talking together and are ready, then we will set the tone for the session with a request, a kind of little prayer, followed by a few moments of silence while we do the things that we do in order to access the other person’s records. ” i dove in with an open enthusiasm, as i have personally been aware of the akashic records for many years. Akashic readings at the roseheart center. Practice reading your own records and using your records for self healing. The ancient vedic science of reading akashic records is about “seeing” the cosmic archives – the absolute and authoritative source of all that’s known and unknown in the universe. After the 24 month period, you are still able to access and read the forums (and share with other students) but you won’t be able to post questions. Consciously having access to higher, divine knowledge in the light of the akashic records has been the most profound gift of healing jenelle has experienced. Known as the akashic records, this energetic archive of soul information stands ready to lovingly guide you. “the akashic records are the individual records of a soul from the instant it leaves its point of origin until the end of time. What are the benefits of accessing the akashic records. One of the very first types of readings given to me by my guides in the akashic records is the legacy reading. I have a lovely donor that is willing to support 3 free one-page past life readings. Ancient times, all people could go into the akashic records and do their own. Being inside the records was fascinating, peaceful, compassionate and full of grace. ☯ full synopsis : "the akashic records, or "the book of life," can be equated to the universe's super-computer system. Its cleansing properties also help the reading stay untainted by spiritual gunk. Opening your own records presents you with valuable insights that will enable you to comprehend the motives and actions of those close to you. Akashic records can be envisioned as a metaphorical book that contains the entire history of one’s soul and additionally, it includes all the detailing of your existence and your potentials. A potential client recently asked me about the different between an akashic records reading, versus a psychic reading. Todays akashic readings: if you know there is more to life, but don’t know where to find it… if you are seeking your soul’s purpose… if you often wonder why you are here on earth at this particular time… you may benefit from an akashic reading. It is a record of every place and space you have ever been, and of all your future possibilities. Welcome to healing radiance, the page for soul-level healing in the akashic records. If you wait to record what you've learned it will likely drift away like a dream. Akashic record business reading (1 person business). These are not static records, this is an interactive element that is involved in the creation of experience. We are the akashic records;  as is the sphinx. I will be contacting you to schedule a call after the reading is completed. Fire, forms the original doctrine or overlay, for the ‘records of thoth. Practice reading your classmates records.

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    Yogis also believe that these records can be perceived in certain. The masters, teachers, and loved ones of the person being read will then communicate with the reader the information to be shared in reference to the questions being asked. Com, she describes a “soul story reading” as “a massage for your spirit. During an akashic reading, we heal your record of:. It’s an aid during my analysis of my readings, not necessarily during the actual reading. It’s often beneficial upon returning from the akashic records to make notes of what you experienced. Through akashic record readings, i can identify, describe and reconnect you with your soul family—whether yours originated among the stars, the gods or the angels. This is a good time for you to align with your intentions for the reading. Is there some way to look into the record of the business itself to see if it has something to teach me, to help it thrive. Say a prayer to the reiki guides, ascended masters and lords of the akashic records to see your past life. Think of your akashic record as your unpublished autobiography from this and all your past lives. ” —margot anand, author of the art of everyday ecstasy the akashic records is equal parts practical and profound, the culmination of nearly two decades of immersion by ernesto, personally and professionally, into the akashic records for individual healing, growth, and self-realization. I feel sound healing sessions and akashic consultations can put you in touch with your greater self and take you to the next step in your growth. As noted above, we offer both local and remote readings via skype or facetime. Sylvia chappell cured my lifelong lower backache over the telephone during one akashic records reading. For this reason, she has brought on board shelly holbrook-ebeling, who is now our resident akashic record reader. Spending time in the record aids people in the fundamental shift from self-reliance to god-reliance. As may be gathered by the preceding information, working in the akashic records requires an acceptance of the concept of past lives. What kinds of questions work best with akashic records. A comprehensive study of the fantastic akashic records with definitive descriptions for accessing them. In addition, the records give unconditional love, understanding & support, as well as healing. Anna’s reading has made my marriage better, my life make sense, and my work, as a massage therapist and distance energy worker, that much more meaningful. I say a prayer asking for a sacred space for the reading. Unfortunately, these religious ideas are usually tainted by the ego, and so the concept of judgment is also introduced, in the belief that we are judged by what is in the records. R1 250* – full akashic record reading & property clearing to energetically realign your home to your new vibration. When an event in creation occurred, that particular vibrational frequency pattern needed to be recorded and filed for later reference. Records" is to induce alpha brainwaves by doing one or more of the. Explanation for this phenomena is that the akashic records are the. Also, there is far more in the code than is readily communicated in language, so it is wise not to take any translation of the akashic records as the final word. I haven't done the exercises yet, or said the prayer so i don't know if this works just from reading a book. You in every life form where your record keepers have been keeping track of everything for you. Aloha, my name is noelani rodriguez, i am an akashic records reader in portland, oregon for 7 years. The first time you view your records, it’s best to know precisely what information you’re after, and not overload your senses. When the time comes up, please be ready, and i will call your landline from my skype account so i can record the session. Akashic records reading for relationships. Akashic readings are currently on special for a limited time. Can everyone access their own soul records. "the edgar cayce readings suggest that. The akashic records are similar to the library of congress of the universe. In-person sessions must be at least one hour, or two 30-minute readings (bring a friend. Created an amazingly safe space that turned the akashic records into an actual tool for me instead of something i’d just play around with from time to time.   you can think of the akashic records as a huge library with many, many individual volumes contained within it. The records are managed by ascended masters, teachers and loved ones which are individual to each person being read. Charles webster leadbeater, an influential member of the theosophical society and an author on occult subjects, has made similar claims, stating that the records hold the history of atlantis and various other civilizations, including lumeria. ‘yolandi read my akashic records for me, the reading was amazing and incredibly detailed. More than information: the records as a path to spiritual growthusing howe s 19 guided practices and meditations, you will become adept at navigating the records. My most trusted source for psychic readings is oranum. What kind of questions are best to ask in an akashic records reading. The client loved the information and the new prayer seemed to provide more clarity in accessing the records. Hey, it’s me, jess and i want to tell you something that’s grande important before you continue reading this. I am certified as an akashic records reader through the soul journeys® method. The akashic records contain the entire history of every soul since the dawn of creation. The akashic records are the energetic ‘database’ that stores all information about all choices that were ever made. Scheduling of readings is done by order of payment. The akashic records help the individual to understand why they are going through certain lessons and challenges in this life. Reading the akashic records for a home for sale, or another’s home, with their permission*. The focus of an akashic records reading is different to other types of readings you may have experienced, such as a psychic or intuitive reading.  sessions are conducted via phone and skype if you would like more information regarding any aspect of this website, readings and payment process, . Hi pamela, thanks again for the reading yesterday. The new akashic records, to understand the energy of the akashic records as well as the history.   during the reading, i found myself discarding many of my prepared questions in order to ask questions that arose during the reading. “the akashic record is like an immense photographic film, registering all the desires and earth experiences of our planet. You can tell by noelanis accuracy and clarity of her readings that she is a very competent and genuine psychic with much insight. Book an akashic records reading. People also come to see me for feng shui consultations and/or instruction because what they read in books is too confusing or not specific enough for them. From what i understand, the akashic records – the universe’s “memory” – are available to everyone. You will also find that when it comes to the records, things like religion don't define it either. Learn how to read commercial dog food labels from 5rating healthiest dog food. By the end of this course, you will be reading yourself and others, and can use it to build a practice as an akashic records reader or psychic.  for example, some clients report that their initial questions were answered before the reading and new questions appeared for the reading itself. You can get your answers inside your akashic records.